Inventors, Inventors

I know I’m not supposed to talk about them. So I don’t. At least not to people that will get me in trouble over it.

These guys freak me out. Seriously. Every time I get to visit one of their caves in the – well, I won’t say exactly where…but in their caves – it’s so incredible. Gadgets galore! Never seen so many bins of stuff. Man, if it was legal, and Dad would let me, I’d be one of them in a second! Mom would kill me, of course, but really, what does she care?


Hidlebach C-Class Dining Pod

hidelbach dining pod
Haupstie permitted me to use his reflex camera tonight to snap a few pictures during the maiden voyage of Doctor Hidlebach’s newest vessel: the C-Class Passenger Freighter. Of course, Hidlebach’s been gone for years now, but his inventions keep finding new light as his fellow builders bring them to life.

Of all things that inspired me, this picture from the main dining pod seemed the most peculiar, though I’m sure others might disagree. I thought the ceiling architecture was unusually clean, accented but round nelurime-powered illuminators, and centered with a large glass chandelier–the largest of its kind.

The flight was fabulous; Haupstie even allowed me to step onto the bridge. Wrap-around glass windows gave a spectacular, panorama of Knightsbridge, and an even more mesmerizing view of the sunset. But all in all, I’ll take a fellrell over a C-Class any day.

Doctor Hidlebach

Doctor Hidlebach’s designs are incredible. Despite his reputation and the looks I get when I mention his name, I still think he’s genius. Have never met him, but I know I wil one day.

He’s working on a new device that he swears will revolutionize the communication field. I’m excited to see it. He never lets anyone into his lab while working on a project. So we’ll just have to wait and see what he presents.

OK. Have to run! Pilots are about to land, which means making the tack barn ready.

Sun Down, Relays Up

The Inventors just set up something called relays. Allows us to communicate off world like this. Pretty cool, if you ask me.

OK, chores are calling. Gotta’ clean the nests and get the tack ready for the evening harvest. Thanks for reading. I like knowing that people are  somewhere out there.