My Birthday

Turn seventeen today! Dad got me a new set of goggles, which is awesome. And Mom made me roast lamb with potatoes for dinner. Favorite. Took a run with Serio, and was able to break away to write something to all you out there in the ether. Hope everything’s well on your worlds.

How do you celebrate your birthdays?


Sending Planet Map

With all the dialog that’s going on, I’d love to share a map of my planet with you. But still trying to figure out how to send it out. Hope everyone’s relays stay connected, or it might get broken up.

Bad Storm Coming

Canceled flights for the next week in preparation for a monster solar storm coming through the system. Supposed to wreck havoc with the relays. Expecting possible island damage too.

I’m kinda’ excited, to be honest. But I know how bad these storms can be. So don’t expect any news from me for a while. Praying to Talihdym we get through this OK.

The Market

Loved being with Dad this morning at Bellride’s market. Such a fun place! Activity everywhere. Street vendors, shops with their brightly colored awnings, and food, food, food. I can’t get enough of it.

The Brologi did make an arrest while we were there. That was super cool. Some guy stole something, never did find out what. But apparently one of the Brologi was around the corner when the shop owner started yelling. The guy close-lined! That had to hurt. Three more Brologi were there in a heart beat.

Never a dull day in the market!

Doctor Hidlebach

Doctor Hidlebach’s designs are incredible. Despite his reputation and the looks I get when I mention his name, I still think he’s genius. Have never met him, but I know I wil one day.

He’s working on a new device that he swears will revolutionize the communication field. I’m excited to see it. He never lets anyone into his lab while working on a project. So we’ll just have to wait and see what he presents.

OK. Have to run! Pilots are about to land, which means making the tack barn ready.

Guild Members Dinner at Our House

Dad and Mom had some Guild members over to the house last night for dinner. Mom needs a bigger kitchen.

I used to think these get-togethers were boring, but now that I’m learning so much about the Guild, and honestly understanding that it’s my future, I kinda’ like hearing about nelurime production, equipment failure, and personell issues. Makes me feel important in a way.

Still not allowed to say anything, but I’m learning a lot. I can even see myself being Bellride’s Steward one day. Is that crazy?


Massive storm system sweeping in today. All flying canceled. Threat of large hail they’re saying. Hey, I’ll take it; means Lance and I can hang out. Then Dad and me are having lunch just the two of us. Awesome!

Inventors whispering about the relays getting knocked out. Might not be saying much for a while.

Sun Down, Relays Up

The Inventors just set up something called relays. Allows us to communicate off world like this. Pretty cool, if you ask me.

OK, chores are calling. Gotta’ clean the nests and get the tack ready for the evening harvest. Thanks for reading. I like knowing that people are  somewhere out there.