Good Harvest

Kar-Bellride had a record harvest today. Record for the year, at least. More nelurime than I’ve seen in quite a while. Said the clouds were infused at an usually high level, especially for summer (or anytime for that matter). Good for the Guild. Good for our people.

Still didn’t get to help, but the apprentices were allowed to fly along for the ride. So that’s cool. We’ll be able to carry nets in a few weeks. Can’t wait. I know Serio’s excited too.

Dad did great, as always. Love watching him work.

Do you guys apprentice for a Guild or something?


Doctor Hidlebach

Doctor Hidlebach’s designs are incredible. Despite hisĀ reputationĀ and the looks I get when I mention his name, I still think he’s genius. Have never met him, but I know I wil one day.

He’s working on a new device that he swears will revolutionize the communication field. I’m excited to see it. He never lets anyone into his lab while working on a project. So we’ll just have to wait and see what he presents.

OK. Have to run! Pilots are about to land, which means making the tack barn ready.

Guild Members Dinner at Our House

Dad and Mom had some Guild members over to the house last night for dinner. Mom needs a bigger kitchen.

I used to think these get-togethers were boring, but now that I’m learning so much about the Guild, and honestly understanding that it’s my future, I kinda’ like hearing about nelurime production, equipment failure, and personell issues. Makes me feel important in a way.

Still not allowed to say anything, but I’m learning a lot. I can even see myself being Bellride’s Steward one day. Is that crazy?