About Junar

My name is Junar ap Leif and I’m 16 years old. I am a First Year apprentice in the Kili-Boranna Guild, more commonly known as The Sky Riders, and this is my blog from above the clouds of Aria-Prime.


6 thoughts on “About Junar

  1. Hello Junar,
    I will call myself Sgt. Caz because that is my username because I as a person do not exist yet.
    May I create a character and place to live for myself?
    (Actually I kind of already did…I feel kinda bad about not asking first)

    • Sgt. Caz, pleased to meet you. Sergeants in Aria-Prime are Brologi, that’s the Chancellery Police. They’re pretty legit.

      • Oh okay. Sorry its just the username I use for next to everything.
        So…is this going to turn into a Role-Play, or something?

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