Good Harvest

Kar-Bellride had a record harvest today. Record for the year, at least. More nelurime than I’ve seen in quite a while. Said the clouds were infused at an usually high level, especially for summer (or anytime for that matter). Good for the Guild. Good for our people.

Still didn’t get to help, but the apprentices were allowed to fly along for the ride. So that’s cool. We’ll be able to carry nets in a few weeks. Can’t wait. I know Serio’s excited too.

Dad did great, as always. Love watching him work.

Do you guys apprentice for a Guild or something?


6 thoughts on “Good Harvest

  1. Well, I’ve always been interested in inventing things, but I’m not sure all what guilds are available to apprentice in.

    • Sorry, not sure what the Underground is, or what cool bans are, but I do know Guilds. We have lots of different ones. Fortunately my father is in the Kili-Bornanna, so I don’t have a choice but to fly. Not sure how it is where you are, but we carry on in whatever our family’s Guild is. Our society’s government is made of up the Guild Stewards, at least in part. Kinda’ complicated. I can explain it some time if you’re interested. Some people think it’s boring.

      • Oh no, it sounds very interesting! We don’t have any exciting things like that here on Belsarius Six. Just salvage yard barons and sand raptors. Wherever you are, I wish I could visit!
        Well…I need to go. The family is moving on. I will get back to a comm relay as soon as I can!

      • Sand raptors! Now that’s something I’d like to fly. Are they big enough to fly?

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