Relays Back Up

The relays are supposedly back up. Anyone out there?


62 thoughts on “Relays Back Up

    • Hi CNGoodhue. Thanks for the reply. You off-world? Just trying to get a feel for how far the Inventor’s relays are sending this.

    • Yeah, the Kili-Boranna is my home for sure. Love everything about it. Obviously, flying most especially. Graduating to Second Year soon. How about you? Are you apprenticing in any particular Guild?

    • Great! Thanks. I’ll tell Haupstie. They’ve been working like crazy on these relays.

      The Milky Way? I’m not familiar with that system. How many suns/planets?

    • Ah, lots of receivers on the other end here; this is fantastic! Haupstie is going to be thrilled. No communication for months, and now this.

      I’m Junar ap Leif. Nice to meet you. Are you off-world?

    • Hi Sarah! Thanks for sending out a hello. I’m loving all this communication. Haupstie says it’s due to fair weather conditions. Said there’s a storm in-bound though. Might knock the relays out. We’ll see. Are you on Aria-Prime? Or off-world?

      • Here’s hoping the relays don’t get knocked out. I’m off-world, from the same system as CNGoodhue up there.

      • No, not constant. Just here and there, you know. Less in the summer months, but shoot, when they come in, they’re epic.

      • Know each other? Not personally. Only through the internet. But it would be small planet, and in some ways, yes, it is.

      • I bet those storms are epic. Down here on Earth we’ve got things like hurricanes and tornadoes.

        And, yes, Internet is one of many of our relay communication devices.

      • Hurricanes and tornadoes? They sound intense! Care to describe? We just have massive thermal differentials that collide, and with the right moisture content, produce violent air redistribution and high winds.

        Your internet is one of many communications devices? Shoot, you sound like an advanced society!

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