Sending Planet Map

With all the dialog that’s going on, I’d love to share a map of my planet with you. But still trying to figure out how to send it out. Hope everyone’s relays stay connected, or it might get broken up.


Good Harvest

Kar-Bellride had a record harvest today. Record for the year, at least. More nelurime than I’ve seen in quite a while. Said the clouds were infused at an usually high level, especially for summer (or anytime for that matter). Good for the Guild. Good for our people.

Still didn’t get to help, but the apprentices were allowed to fly along for the ride. So that’s cool. We’ll be able to carry nets in a few weeks. Can’t wait. I know Serio’s excited too.

Dad did great, as always. Love watching him work.

Do you guys apprentice for a Guild or something?

Bad Storm Coming

Canceled flights for the next week in preparation for a monster solar storm coming through the system. Supposed to wreck havoc with the relays. Expecting possible island damage too.

I’m kinda’ excited, to be honest. But I know how bad these storms can be. So don’t expect any news from me for a while. Praying to Talihdym we get through this OK.

Cloud Run

Lance and I got to go out on a real cloud run today. OK, so it wasn’t an actual run, like we were doing all the harvesting. But we were the wingmen for the harvesters, and were as up close and personal as you can get without actually flying the nets. It was really cool.

The lead pilot was pointing out all the pockets of nelurime, and giving us tips on how the wind moves the most saturated clouds into position for you.

“Let the wind do the work,” he kept saying. “Don’t fight it.”

I could really feel Serios learning it all too. He was tracking stuff better than I was, I bet. He’s going to be an incredible harvester.

If the weather holds, they say we’ll get to go out again tomorrow.