Hidlebach C-Class Dining Pod

hidelbach dining pod
Haupstie permitted me to use his reflex camera tonight to snap a few pictures during the maiden voyage of Doctor Hidlebach’s newest vessel: the C-Class Passenger Freighter. Of course, Hidlebach’s been gone for years now, but his inventions keep finding new light as his fellow builders bring them to life.

Of all things that inspired me, this picture from the main dining pod seemed the most peculiar, though I’m sure others might disagree. I thought the ceiling architecture was unusually clean, accented but round nelurime-powered illuminators, and centered with a large glass chandelier–the largest of its kind.

The flight was fabulous; Haupstie even allowed me to step onto the bridge. Wrap-around glass windows gave a spectacular, panorama of Knightsbridge, and an even more mesmerizing view of the sunset. But all in all, I’ll take a fellrell over a C-Class any day.


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