Guild Members Dinner at Our House

Dad and Mom had some Guild members over to the house last night for dinner. Mom needs a bigger kitchen.

I used to think these get-togethers were boring, but now that I’m learning so much about the Guild, and honestly understanding that it’s my future, I kinda’ like hearing about nelurime production, equipment failure, and personell issues. Makes me feel important in a way.

Still not allowed to say anything, but I’m learning a lot. I can even see myself being Bellride’s Steward one day. Is that crazy?



Massive storm system sweeping in today. All flying canceled. Threat of large hail they’re saying. Hey, I’ll take it; means Lance and I can hang out. Then Dad and me are having lunch just the two of us. Awesome!

Inventors whispering about the relays getting knocked out. Might not be saying much for a while.