Flight Log

Lance and I had a warm dusk flight this evening. Sure, I say warm, but 45 degrees in April feels like a heat wave! Took off at 17:20:00, flight time was 00:49:21. Clear skies. Lots of stars visible. Stayed under 5,000 feet most of the time. Serio did well with the net; engineers say we took in about 70 ounces of raw nelurime. Not bad for two rookies.

Do you ever feel like someone’s watching you? I mean, actually feel like there’s a presence out there, with you in their cross hairs? Maybe it’s just selfish. I don’t know…dreaming again, I guess.

After 22:00:00 now. Need to catch some sleep. Have an early wake up call for a Guild flight in the morning.


Flight Log

Had a great flight today. Was up around 10,500 feet for some high alltitude training with Lance. Left at 05:45:00, and time aloft was 01:34:12. Serio performed as expected; only slight anxiety upon leaving the hangar. Not sure why.

Seeing Bellride from that height is incredible; looks so small. Had a hard time breathing. Super dizzy, too. They say I’ll get used to thinner air. Boy, I sure hope so!

Didn’t see much nelurime. They tell me it’s only that high during the summer season. Warmer thermals. I can’t imagine having to work at that level; no wonder they invented the harness rig. Too many pilots passing out on the job.

Noticed my skin got burned faster, too. Need more cream next time.

Stoked to go up there again next week. Said we’ll start hitting that height once a week, then push it incrementally.